New Sewing Workshops in 2023!

Beginners Sewing 2 - Boxy Tote Bag - Tuesday February 28th, 6pm to 9pm

Beginners Sewing 2 - Boxy Tote Bag - Tuesday February 28th, 6pm to 9pm


Are you a complete sewing newbie? Or maybe you took our sewing class Beginners 1?

Does using a sewing machine feel like rocket science to you? Are you looking for a crash course that teaches you how to use a sewing machine as well as the skills needed to use simple sewing patterns?

When taught by someone who knows what they’re doing, learning to use a sewing machine is easy and fun! We promise – this workshop is exactly what you’re looking for!

After three hours with one of our expert instructors, you will come away feeling confident, proud of your achievements and inspired to practice and learn more. Plus, you will be the owner of a fabulous new boxy tote bag 🙂 And it gets even better! All materials are included, and you get to keep the pattern (including step-by-step instructions) so you can make more bags at home!

No previous sewing machine experience is necessary for this workshop. It's also a good follow up and refresher for our Beginner Sewing 1 workshop and you can follow up with The Ultimate Beginners Sewing Accessories Starter Workshop especially if you want to learn to work with simple sewing patterns and gain some basic cutting experience.

So come along, and be part of a lovely small group with plenty of individual attention from the instructor!  Learn to sew, chat and make friends!


  • How to set up and thread a sewing machine
  • How to wind a bobbin
  • How to cut and pin fabric using a simple pattern
  • How to sew straight seams and how to finish them with a French seam
  • How to sew BOXY corners
  • How to put the handles on straight
  • How to troubleshoot common sewing machine issues

And much more!

  • 3 hours Session
    $92 ( TAXES are included in price!)
  • *The class will start promptly at the scheduled time. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you are setting up your own machine
*We have a limited number of machines available if you don’t have your own and you need to book a machine, please let us know when you register as we have a limited supply it is 1st come 1st serve.