Restitched: reclaimed and reimagined: our new line of sustainable and creative fashions.
Out of our scrap bins and industry off-cuts, we 
reclaimed textiles and reimagined them into innovative and amazing fashions, and restitched by our team at Hello Beautiful's studio in Burnaby, B.C. 

At Hello Beautiful, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the fashion industry by giving new life to discarded materials and promoting eco-conscious choices. Each piece in our Restitched line showcases meticulous craftsmanship, unexpected details, and the perfect blend of contemporary and timeless aesthetics. With our access to industry off-cuts and our zero-waste approach to our own textile scraps, we minimize environmental impact while maximizing style.

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Restitched Overalls: Vintage Green - size MEDIUM - can be S, M, L, XL, or custom fit
From $320.00 - $350.00
Restitched Overalls: FLORAL BLACK - size MEDIUM - can be S, M, L, XL, or custom fit
Restitched Overalls: DENIM Multi STRIPE - size S,M,L available, can be XL, or custom fit
From $320.00 - $370.00
Restitched Overalls Art Deco Blues on Grey Days