Hello Beautiful

In prior years while working with skin care and cosmetics, Denise Jones-Chu realized how important it was to remind her clients how beautiful they were, despite any beauty products.

Denise believes that each one of us has something special about us, we just don’t always see it in ourselves. As an artist, Denise decided to use her skills to remind each person that they are Beautiful. She started by naming her business “Hello Beautiful”.

From textiles to ceramics, every one of Denise's creations is a reminder of how beautiful we are. Her portfolio includes hi-fired ceramic buttons, hand knit, felted, stitched, hand dyed, re-furbished and re-purposed items all with the message of "Hello Beautiful".

Established in Vancouver, BC, her business is proud to provide earning opportunities for persons with disabilities. As well, 90% of the fabrics used in her textile creations come from Our Social Fabric, a textile recycling initiative.