Hello Beautiful Sewing and Design Inc.

Denise Jones-Chu, an avid seamstress since childhood, has transformed her love for sewing into a thriving business, Hello Beautiful Sewing and Design. Focused on repurposing and minimizing textile waste, Denise and her team work with unwavering dedication to sustainable fashion, creating products while upholding their commitment to repurposing and minimizing textile waste. Denise’s passion also includes empowering individuals through education, employment opportunities and creative expression. Denise has collaborated with WorkBC to provide training and work opportunities in her studio focusing on providing training and work opportunities to persons with work barriers. The studio also offers beginner and intermediate sewing workshops to the public.

Denise's educational background includes a BFA degree, professional development in Education and Archival Studies, and a specialized 2-year Diploma in Textile Art, where she became a professional textile dyer. With 17 years of experience in the medical industry as a Mobility and Pressure Management Specialist, Denise utilized her sewing skills to assist stroke patients.

Denise played a vital role in launching a non-profit sewing program in Vancouver and served as a production manager for several years.

Since 2012 Denise has  volunteered with Our Social Fabric, a textile initiative to divert textile waste from going to landfills. In this role, she has been passionate in various  roles  such as the workshop program where she served as the primary instructor for numerous years. Additionally, Denise currently holds a position at Our Social Fabric on the Board of Directors.


Since establishing Hello Beautiful Sewing and Design, Denise has developed diverse product lines for local companies and her own brands. These include "Cove Kids Clothing," "Hello Beautiful Sportswear" (featuring PickleBall clothing) for women, and "Hello Handsome Sportswear" for men. Recently, Hello Beautiful launched "ReStitched," a sustainable fashion line made from industry off-cuts, further solidifying their commitment to eco-friendly practices.