Youth Sewing Camp - Sewing 100 Beginners Sewing - Saturday Sessions January 27, February 3, & 10 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Youth Sewing Camp - Sewing 100 Beginners Sewing - Saturday Sessions Ja


Youth Sewing  /Beginner Lessons- Sewing 100 Beginners Sewing   - Saturday Sessions   January 27,  February 3, & 10  2:30pm - 5:30pm

Learn to sew and make 1 new project at each session! Using a sewing machine has never been easier! Our Sewing 100 classes will help your Youth get comfortable and confident with a sewing machine! Once they've become acquainted with stitching, we will help them dive right in and apply these skills to construct multiples of each project and the final session make at least 1 boxy Tote Bag! Not only will they feel the satisfaction from the accomplishment of their handmade projects, they will have the skills to make many more projects!

Photo is one of our previous students picking out her fabric to sew her tshirt out of.  In this workshop All materials are included and students learn a about Zero Waste and Circular Economy.

Age:  ages 10 and older

Time: 9 hours, 3 sessions

Skill level: Absolute Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Price: $155/per person 

Skills Learned:

  • Sewing machine basics and use
  • Good practices and safety /Use of the equipment
  • Basic construction + basic terminology
  • Using the tools
  • Sewing straight seams & Back Stitching
  • Sewing on a Curve
  • Applicate'
  • Top Stitching
  • Using an Iron

*The class will start promptly at the scheduled time. Please arrive 5 minutes early (or 15 minutes early if you are setting up your own machine)

*We have a limited number of machines available if you don’t have your own. If you need to book a machine, please let us know when you register