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Square Button

Square Button


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Hello Beautiful Buttons are 100% Canadian designed and made in Vancouver, BC with “high fire” Alberta stoneware & porcelain clay.

The buttons are gas kiln fired up to temperatures of 2800 degrees Fahrenheit (1537 degrees Celsius). This means they do not chip easily because the glazes “meld”  to the clay they are made with.

This makes Hello Beautiful Buttons stronger than most ceramic buttons!

We also mix our own glazes so we know they are lead free and safe. We use the very same glazes for dinnerware.

 With the exception of buttons with a glued-on shank, Hello Beautiful Buttons are safe to dry-clean. Do not dry clean garments that have the glue on shank style buttons.

The colours will not fade or bleed. 

Not recommended for Children's wear

Hello Beautiful Buttons are all one-of a kind or limited editions.